Having launched your platforms, we embark on creating your content. This is the first step to your self-branding. Remember the COPE principle, create once and publish everywhere. The first wave of assignments are for you to produce writings and images that introduce yourself. 

#Due Sept. 18, Blog post 1: Introductory blog (At least 250 words)

-Use your first entry to introduce yourself to your readers and explain what you hope to accomplish with your blog over the semester. Set up your vision about blogging.

#Due Sept. 18, Bio:

Examples of information included in:

  1. Where you’re from
  2. School
  3. Major/Minor
  4. Relevant experience and briefly what you did
  5. Relevant involvements on/off campus
  6. Any other information you feel it is important for employers to know about you.

Also include your big idea:

Think carefully about your core message.  Think about what you want to be known for or the problem that you are passionate about solving in the world. We can learn from the big ideas of powerful corporate brands, like Apple’s “Think Different,” which speaks to a passion for innovation or Nike’s “Just Do It,” which encourages people to take action.

#Due Sept. 24, Blog post 2: Curation of what makes a good blog.

-Discuss what makes it “good.  Connect your argument to at three of blogs or online articles. Provide in-text link.

-Aggregate and curate your own list of Top 5 online writing tips. Include:

  • DO NOT copy & paste from other sources
  • Be concise. No more than 3 sentences for each of your 5 items
  • Headline that uses SEO