The often caused problem in SPerry 103 is due to Window drive and service setting and Premiere audio hardware setting. This lab does not have enabled settings and erases any settings made after default. I am meeting with the tech people tomorrow again. But meanwhile, if you encounter playback malfunction or numb audio on Premiere, do the following.

A. Enabling and Configuring PC Window

  1. Open Start
  2. Type in sound
  3. You will see a sign, “Window Audio Service is not enabled, do you want to enable it?” Click OK.
  4. In the next window pops up upper left, select speakers.
  5. Click configure.
  6. Test your audio till you hear a bell sound.

B. Setting Premiere Audio Hardware preference.

  1. Open new or existing project on Adobe Premiere.
  2. In Edit tab, find preference at the bottom.
  3. Select Audio Hardware setting.
  4. In a pop up window check if the output is set to Realtek High Definition Audio (your audio drive).
  5. Hit OK.