Stephanie is doing a story on “Things you can do other than bar-drinking in Cortland.” I am looking forward to this story because, there are just two places I go for leisure in Cortland myself: Bars and Greek Peak slopes.

The question I was asked was newsworthy?

There are not too many rules as regards to what is newsworthiness. I don’t want to list any more other than Eight elements of newsworthiness I talked about in the beginning of the semester.  That’s too many already.

Besides, news develops as you research and report. One direction is localizing and personalizing. An example in this class is what Elena is working on, Transgender issue on Cortland campus. The nation is divided according to a national survey by Pew Research Center. But how about here in Cortland? Research shows no reporting has been done so far.

The other direction is trying to generalize as much as possible. Stephanie’s story is in this category. Try to find out what is the overall trend of small town college towns. Can Cortland be called a college town? If yes, what is it’s uniqueness or similarity with other towns?

A quick research from Opposing point of view from our library database shows two interesting articles. I am going to post them here. I am really looking forward to seeing this story.

Small college towns and colleges

Live or die small town